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20+ schools in India are using Umantra App for everyday school management and to stay connected with parents.

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Umantra app allows school administrators, teachers and parents to stay connected at all times via real time messaging. Umantra has comprehensive features ranging from multimedia messaging support to a complete school management system.

School Owner

A a school owner, software gives you required administration tool to take total control of your school, staff, student, financial and much.

Class Time Tables

Create daily/weekly class schedules for each class. Teacher and students can check their class schedule.

Create & Manage fees

Create and collect different fee for different session, terms, classes or even group of students. View various fee report.


Create a school planner. Inform parents about school events through Umantra app.


Take class attendance on Umantra app. Inform a parent through Umantra app if their child is absent.


School teachers can create worksheets as per the school’s curriculum. Get automated correction and results on Umantra app.


Share important school updates like announcements, classwork and homework. Have One-to-One feedback with each parent on Umantra app.


Share marks of all exams with parents through Umantra app. Track student progress with detailed analytics.


Umantra communication platform for your school helps in strengthening your school's reputation and brand. Parents connected with teachers are highly appreciative of school and get thoroughly involved in the studies of their child.

Why we are best for you

One stop solution

School management software for all your school needs.

Collaborative ecosystem with Parents

Schools can regularly update parents with various activities and stay connected at all time.

In Sync With Technology

Create a powerful technology oriented brand for your school.

Data Security

Your school data is safe as only the school admins have access to all the school data on Teno's dashboard.

Available on Mobile and Desktop

Log on to our website or go to anroid/ ios app store to download Teno

Easy to use

Umantra's platform and features are easy to use for schools and parents.

Scholl. Teachers. Students. Parents.

Our one mission is to make every school as smart school.

"You need to play smart and get rid os your hactic school management system."

Play Smart

Umantra Mobile and web platform is trusted by 20+ schools and 1000+ parents in India. Contact to discover amazing benefits of Umantra.

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